Unstinking The World Of
Peter Autoblunder

an alloy of current art forms and literary liberties

Keith Clementson

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Page 50

Contemporary art of Denton, Texas.


"Feeling their stares, Peggy weaved her way through the small crowd outside the front door."


"They silenced their chattering, a shrub full of sparrows, once she came near. She avoided eye contact and scanned the parking lot trying to remember where she parked. It felt to her like a million eyes attacking her, sizing her up, noting what kind of clothes a psychotic thief wears -- what kind of shoes, makeup, hair, handbag, nails, eyewear, gait, what kind of face, build, posture belongs to such a creature. "Who wears a black Armani suit to the grocery store in the summer? She must have stolen it. And the Italian baguette, she probably lifted that when she was stealing them fancy Italian pumps. Too old for straight-cut bangs and white hair, probably a wig. Must be on drugs, pain pills, hooked on pot, gotta steal to pay for it. What an evil slut. Probably from New York or something. I bet she does it for money. But who would want to do it with that tired old face? She might even be a dude. That would explain that macho, smart-assy walk. She looks like the love child of Lee Harvey Oswald and Captain Kangaroo, but with teal lips and eyeshadow. Great nails, filthy though -- probably from prying open caskets."

H 82" x W 66" x D 4"
oil on textured wood, canvas and straw
(Note: this piece stands on the floor and attaches to the wall)


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"Unstinking Peter's World" is an ongoing exhibit of
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